The Band

Paul Dugan - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Paul Dugan was born March 15, 1972 in Columbus, IN. While playing piano at an early age, Paul was encouraged by his older brother Mike to find his “voice” musically in a family full of musicians. In 1990, Mike bought younger brother Paul his first guitar. Soon after, Paul would begin down the path of acoustic music. In his sophomore year in college, Paul would add mandolin to his arsenal and join a three piece acoustic band in Cincinnati, OH. While playing the local music scene, Paul would soon meet renowned guitarist/ instrumentalist Jason Dennie & enter into a relationship that would develop & shape his musicianship forever. In 2000, Paul would release his debut album “Headin' South” which features Jason on guitar & harmony vocals. Paul currently lives in Cincinnati, OH & is married to wife Mary. They have three children: Tommy, Danny & Anna.

Joe Dugan - Guitar

Joe Dugan was born October 22nd, 1974 in Columbus, IN. Joe got his start in music playing acoustic guitar at an early age. When the family formed a Blugrass Band in 1992, Joe picked up the Acoustic Bass which forged his steady rhythm & timing as an “improvisational” musician. When Paul moved back to Indianapolis in 2004, Joe refocused his craft. Today, Joe continues to be an accomplished lead guitar player who constantly pushes the creative boundaries of the band. Joe currenly lives in Indianapolis, IN and is married to his wife Moira. They have three children: Julia, Kate & Elizabeth.

Tom Baker - Bass Guitar, Vocals

The Grandson of a Baptist minister, Tom was introduced to world of Gospel & Blues music at a very young age. Tom has been part of the Indianapolis music scene for four decades & has played in bands who’s genre range from Rock & Roll to Eclectic Irish. Tom & Paul met in 2004 & formed a musical friendship that crosses many musical boundaries. Inspired by the music of John Prine & Jerry Garcia, Paul & Tom’s first few “rehearsals” were filled with abundant energy. Tom is an incredibly talented Bass player, but it’s his harmony & sense of timing that bring the Dugan Brothers Band together. Tom currently lives in Noblesville, IN & is married to Gynnie Baker.

Jim Noble - Drums, Percussion

Hailing from the fertile flatlands of Tipton, Indiana, Jim grew up listening to lots of great music, but his favorite was The Beatles. Later in high school, he went to see his first concert at Market Square Arena, Rush. Soon afterwards, a drum set was left in the basement by a family friend. Jim decided to pick up the sticks, and has been playing ever since, in a variety of central Indiana-based bands, such as Acoustic Flyer, The Earthtones, and the Fancy Lizards. He continues to occasionally play with the classic rock cover band, The Midnight Friars. He currently lives in Fishers with his wife Angela and two sons, Dylan and Miles.